Who am I? I could be anyone.

I am 14 years old, and the second oldest in my family. I love to be outdoors, and the only times I might be inside is sleeping, eating, maybe reading, (and rarely watching TV). I’m an animal lover, and someday I want to be a Veterinarian. I play Softball, and Basketball, and I want to play tennis, volleyball, and be on a swim team. I’m very outgoing and active, and I love to just about anything that’s outside or involves sports. I am a Christian, and  love to serve God and I go to Church on Sundays. Babysitting is a daily job of mine, although it doesn’t pay much (I don’t get payed at all actually) but anyway, watching little kids is really easy for me and I enjoy it… sometimes.

I am working towards becoming a veterinarian because I have a passion for the health of small animals. I have always cared for animals ever since I was little and I don’t like to see them surfer.

Here are some facts and info about Veterinarians:
– Average Pay: $82,040 per year/$39.44 per hour
– Entry-Level Education: Doctoral or professional degree
– Work Experience in a Related Occupation: None
– On-the-job Training: None
– Job Outlook, 2010-20: 36% (Much faster than average)
– Employment Change, 2010-20: 22,000


2 Responses to Who am I? I could be anyone.

  1. samgray95 says:

    As your sister and one of your best friends this About Me page tells us about who you really are. I love how you talk about what you love to do and want you wanna be.

  2. I feel like I have learned something new about you. I don’t really know you all that well but reading this makes me see that we have some things in common.

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